Mounting and Balancing

While experienced professionals can manually mount and balance tires, the use of specialized technology can lead to more precise results. This is why our shop uses computerized equipment to properly place your tire on your vehicle’s wheel then mount it on your car’s axles. The best part about using high-grade equipment is the consistency of the result. Trust that all your tires will have evened-out masses to ensure smooth driving.

Tire Installation

When installing tires, any mistake poses as a great risk to motorists, which is why we at I & I Tires take this process seriously. With us on your side, you won’t have to worry about your tires being installed unevenly. Our company prides itself on the meticulousness of our services as well as the high-grade equipment we use. If you need new tires installed, make us your first choice.

Tire Repair

Sometimes, your tires are still in near-perfect condition when they sustain damage, so replacing them might seem like a waste. The professionals at our shop believe in maximizing your tires’ lifespan, so we offer unmatched tire repair solutions. If you think your tires can still be used, let us inspect and repair them as needed. If our findings show good results, we’ll immediately patch up your tires. We won’t offer to replace them unless our diagnostics show us otherwise.

Mechanician changing car wheel in auto repair shop

Tire Repair

Flat Tires may induce the rim of the wheel to relax on the tire tread or on the area potentially causing in loss of control of the car or irrecoverable damages to the tire. One of the most common reason for a flat tire is penetrating of the tire by a sharp object, such as a nail, letting air escape. Depending on the dimension of the cut, the tire might deflate gradually or rapidly. Which might lead to the following concerns:

  •  Failure of or damage to the valve stem;
  •  Allowing air to escape from the valve or inducing damages by means of intentional puncturing
  •  Rubbing of the tire versus the roadway, ripping the tire, or splitting up of tire and rim by collision with additional objects;
  •  Too much wear of the tire tread causing explosive tire failure or permitting road debris to tear through it

Some tires, particularly a slow leak, may be repaired and re-inflated; others, especially those from used tread, must be changed.


Listed here are some basic methods to catch tire issues before they become expensive or hazardous. Take a good examination of each tire in a well lit environment. Examine for uneven tire wear, which could be triggered by:

  •  Too much or inadequate air pressure
  •  Issues with wheel alignment or tire balancing
  •  Issues with the suspension
  •  Uneven tire wear might be an indication that you may need to have your tires rotated

These can mean you need new tires-- quickly. Driving with a flat tire, specifically at high speeds, could cause a deadly collision. These issues have the potential to induce a blowout, triggering a loss of control that can be really harmful.

  •  Breaking or protruding treads or sidewalls that might indicate there is wear or weakness
  •  Foreign objects that pass through in to the tire (nails, screws, glass)
  •  Tread tearing away from the body of the tire
Close-Up Of Hand holding pressure gauge for car tyre pressure measurement


Keep your wheels and tires in perfect working condition with help from Rachells Tires. Our tire service experts are more than ready to provide the repairs you need. We’ll come to you, so you can save time and focus on other important matters. Help is on the way by dialing the phone number listed on this website.